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Kids in College

Kids in College at Ohio University - Lancaster occurs during the month of June each year. I've designed and taught courses for the 2017, 2018, and 2019 sessions. Some of the various courses I created include: Website Design, Microsoft Office 1.0 & 2.0, iPads, and Makey Makey. The description of each course is available in the program guides.

Article about my involvement with KiC.

Website Design

In Website Design, each student created his or her own unique website. Each year there are several students in the course and and each website contains its own unique elements.  Below is a sampling of the websites designed in the course:

Basic Beauty Budgeting

Purple Art

Train Facts

Life Hacks


Drone Photography

Yearly KiC Programs

2019 Program

2018 Program

2017 Program

KiC 2017 & 2018

Get educated...

Six courses all designed around technology that kids use and enjoy! From learning tips and tricks to help make homework easier to designing their own website to building an engineering project, there's something for everyone!

Microsoft Office 1.0

With a small class of only four students, we were able to take time to focus on certain aspects of Microsoft Office. One student, specifically decided to create a unique and automated PowerPoint presentation. (*Note: This student was also in the Website Design 1.0 course).

Makey Makey

In Makey Makey, students work together to create computer interfaces made out of common, everyday items. Using modeling clay, bananas, paper clips, craft wire, coins, and any object that conducts an electrical current, students play games, turn light bulbs on and off, and let their imaginations run wild. This is usually my most popular class.

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